Sod Set up Strategies – A Homeowner’s Manual to Laying Sod

one. Sod measurements – When starting your sod job you must acquire into account all landscape constructions and flower beds. Then, making use of a measuring wheel or tape evaluate, correctly evaluate the place to be sodded. Include five% to this quantity to permit for chopping all around constructions & beds. This variety represents the square footage of sod you will require. If you are doubtful most sod suppliers can assist you if you present them with an accurately marked drawing.

two. Soil Planning – Making ready the foundation beneath your sod is important! As the grass grows the roots will have to be equipped to penetrate into the soil. Difficult surfaces avert the development of grass. Make absolutely sure all rocks, previous roots and grass are taken out from the set up place. Topping this with a few inches of topsoil produces a fantastic base. This will work effectively as the sod strips come with its individual soil modification.
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three. Ultimate grading – The base region will have to be leveled to insure sod will also be stage. Employing a suitable grading rake will operate most effective. For more substantial parts you may require to roll around the soil utilizing sod roller. Rolling makes certain that soil does not run or settle creating holes or gaps that will hinder sod growth. Sod planning is anything when it will come to sod set up.

4. Getting sod – There are quite a few sod suppliers to decide on from (garden and yard outlets, sod growers and nurseries) but you ought to know what you are hunting for. Sod strips ought to be dense and at minimum two” extended. Look for a uniform green shade with a network of roots on the underside, with a moist soil base of at least 1″. Sod strips should not tear or slide apart when handled. For large apps we propose sod delivery to lower dealing with.

5. Laying sod – Lay your initial row of sod starting up against edge of a flower bed, residence, patio or any landscape border. The upcoming row should really overlap at the seam. Do not line up your seams! Stagger seams to stay clear of strains when sod grows in. Use a sod cutter (you can buy one at most garden and garden merchants) to lower along all borders and close to sprinkler heads. Hold all pieces on the aspect as you may well need them to fill in as you work.

6. Watering – During the first two months you must drinking water for 45 minutes. This weighty watering helps to push roots down into soil. Adhering to this you will want to water 20 to 30 minutes a day, relying on heat problems.

seven. Routine maintenance – All people desires to know when it’s excellent to do the to start with slice. Depending on the advancement of the grass and if the roots started off to get will identify when you cut. Test the place by carefully pulling back again a piece of sod. If the sod has rooted you might do your initially minimize. Given that your new lawn is in its infancy, it should really be mowed at a sluggish tempo for the initially thirty day period.


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