If you are like me, you can’t get enough of the free tools that are out there to assist monitor your SEO efforts. Lots of people know that there a lot of tools accessible, but perhaps you don’t know which ones are worth the effort. Here is my listing of tools that I use on a daily basis which I feel are important to monitor a successful SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION campaign. I have created lists such as this in the past, but this is the condensed edition of the must have tools.

Google Analytics
Everyone with a website should have some kind of analytics to view. I have used Omniture & Mint, but as far as free runs, Google is the best. With Google anlaytics you can see where your traffic is coming from, and how they interact with your site. It is always a good idea to send yourself every week reports in case you forget to login. I personally use GA everyday and rely on it for a lot of my ROI reporting.

This is a handy plugin for Firefox developed by the folks over at SEO Reserve. It makes it really easy to look up almost all relevant SEO information on any site. I tend to disable it for the majority of of the day, but I enable it when I want to use it for key phrase expansion, PR look ups, Who is info & more.

RankChecker simply by SEO Book
Staying on top of your present rankings is key with SEO. You have to be able to tell people which key phrases you are focusing on at any given time. This tool is definitely free and provides you with Google (both US and UK), Askjeeve, and Bing rankings. You also have the choice of saving keyword groups so that it is easier to see your progress. Once the ratings are looked up, you can save as a CSV and compare to earlier data. Other programs like this price $100’s, and although they do present you with more detail, this is the best free of charge rank checker that I have found. You will need to have FireFox for this one too.

HubSpot’s Website Grader
This is a good way to see a snapshot of where your web site is. While it doesn’t look at ranks, it does grade how well you are usually applying SEO tactics such as meta data, blog pulse, and backlinks. You can also grade your competitors and see how your grade compares to theirs.
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When you have installed SEO4FireFox, then you will have a connect to this tool on any search results page. You can also access the tool on SEOBook’s website. This will show you each day estimated searches for any keyword, as well as suggest expansion keywords that perhaps you haven’t targeted before.

Though this particular list will help you monitor you SEO tactics, it is only half of the particular SEO equation. The other half will be optimizing your website, and acquiring a much better domain reputation.


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