Cassis is a charming little fishing town in the south of France, close to Marseille. If you’d like to spend some time on the Riviera but want something a little more right down to earth, come to Cassis. You won’t end up being disappointed!

A stroll through this particular picture-postcard village will reward using the sight of some beautiful structures, many of which have been restored. Old fountains are the centerpiece of the squares, adding a graceful look and a great sound to the surrounding activities. Most of the Cassis houses are painted within pastel colours which adds to the local charm.

Cassis is famous for its white wine. The blanc de blanc complements the fresh local seafood, or even try the local rosé. This should not have to get confused with the blackcurrant brandy from the same name!

What to do in Cassis
Cassis has a regular open-air artists’ market which is delightful to wander around. Paintings make great presents and affordable souvenirs of time invested here.

The prettiest part of Cassis is the old harbor and a soft stroll in the sunshine is the best way to enjoy this historic district. Sitting in one of the harbourside cafes is also a lot of fun, particularly when the local fisherman bring in their refreshing catch of the day.
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There are plenty of local motorboats called ‘pointus’ with their traditional ribbon and bow posts. These boats advertise trips to the nearby Calanques, or coves, famous for their Cassis stone quarries. Rock climbers also like to be fallen at the foot of the calanques for any challenging climb.

Pick up a walking route map from the local Office de Tourisme and take among the scenic walks around the area, or amble down to the lovely sandy beaches. The Plage de la Grande Mer is just beyond the particular port, or try the Plage du Corton and the Plage de l’Arène nearby. Some beaches to the west of the port are popular nudist beaches.

Wednesday is market day in Cassis, a great chance to buy some local produce or flowers. Cassis is also a great place to dine at one of the terrace cafés and restaurants. Away from the port there are several bistros full of local character serving excellent fixed price lunches.

Cassis is a delightful village to head for if you are staying in the location. Enjoy the laid back lifestyle and the sunny climate whatever you choose to do here.


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