Write-up Marketer Secrets – Three Steps to Great Articles

There is nothing worse than staring at a blank display screen when you have to write an article for your article marketing campaign and you have nothing to say. This can easily happen to you if you are just getting started with article marketing or if you don’t have the writing schedule (also called a good editorial calendar). If your head can be filled with keywords, title suggestions, and author guidelines, your brain is probably too confused to write a good article. What should you do if you’re hopelessly puzzled?

Relax. With some practice you can boil the art of article writing down to a technology. The top article marketers all possess bags of tricks that they value to make writing articles simple. You can too.
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Listed here are three simple steps you can take to write a great article, or even a great series of posts.

** Step 1 : Brainstorm a Topic and Find Keywords **
Brainstorming subjects and finding keywords kind of move hand-in-hand. If you’re feeling creative then brainstorming a topic to write about will likely be easy. Write down a list of 2-5 topics that you feel inspired to write regarding, and then use a keyword tool (like Google Keywords) to find desirable keywords for your topic. Some of the top post marketers suggest that you choose keywords along with at least 1, 000 hits plus low or no competition. Once you’ve found your keywords just keep them handy for later.

If you don’t have a clue what you want to publish about, then do what a lots of article marketers do: start by searching for your keywords first. Type some typical topics that you know you can write about to the Google Keywords tool and see exactly what comes up that inspires you. For instance, if you often write about health and immunity, type in words like “common cold” or “catching colds. ” The particular keyword lists, especially Google’s recommended keywords, may inspire you and help you find a topic for your article.

** Step two: Pick a Great Title **
A great title can often act as an assistance tool when you actually sit down to publish. The title can be funny, how-to, shocking, or revealing. For instance, your title might start with “Three Steps to… ” or “Instant Gratification regarding… ” or “Why You Should Never… inch You can also start your title along with your keyword phrase like this: “Enzyme Therapy in Three Easy Steps, ” where ‘enzyme therapy’ is the keyword phrase. As you write the article, be sure that your article still relates to your title.

Your title can be so funny or interesting that it can actually inspire your composing. The best article marketers are also experts at crafting great titles. If you are stuck on title ideas, just visit any popular article listing and browse through articles that other people have written. You’ll get some great suggestions in a very short time.

** Step 3: Compose Your Article and Insert Key phrases **
This step is where a lot of brand new article marketers get hung up: inexperienced article marketers try to create their articles around their key phrases. Trying to fit keywords into your post as you are writing can really stop the flow of words. Instead, just write your article first after which go back and insert the key phrases where appropriate. You might have to redo a few sentences and replace several phrases in your article, but overall you will probably find that adding the key phrases in afterward is easier than trying to fit them in as you create. Just be sure to hit your keyword denseness target, no matter if you put the keywords in while you write your write-up or after you’ve already written it.


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