Coordinating Landscape Maintenance Efforts Reduces Job Time

One of the main functions of a landscape maintenance company is to visit the site on a regular basis, mow the grass and improve the appearance of the premises. This is usually done every week or every other week, depending on the growing season and climate of the region. The landscape maintenance crew will usually handle a cut with the lawn mower, plus trimming with a weed eater, using an edger and a leaf blower to make the property look professional and well-kept.

Crew Members
While it is possible for one person to do an entire site by themselves, it is time consuming. Having a team of three or more employees working simultaneously shortens the labor time considerably. With each person working on a different apparatus, they all start in a different area. One will follow behind the other until all aspects of the landscape maintenance contract are complete. As the crew works together longer, they will know exactly how much of a path to create in what they do so that the other team members can work quickly and efficiently behind them. Each works the piece of equipment best suited to their strengths for a top quality finished product. Some companies require their crew members to be proficient on all apparatus, while others prefer someone who can do something quickly and do it well.

The person running the string trimmer, also called a weedeater, will start on one end of the property. The equipment is fairly easy to remove from the trailer and get going before the other devices. This crew member will walk along sidewalks, fences, obstructions, stepping stones and walkways taking down weeds and grass. Any small median strips or islands will also be covered with string trimmers. Depending on the size of the site, this person may finish trimming the property and move on to something else when they are finished.

Using a riding lawnmower is very efficient for commercial landscape maintenance contacts. Where they will not fit, a walk-behind lawnmower is used instead. The person on the mower will cut the grass in all areas not covered by the string trimmer.

The edger will go behind the mower wherever the trimming is complete. When done properly, this creates a finished, professional line of grass that does not creep over sidewalks and driveways or curbs. Leaving too much of a gap between the grass and the curb line exposes too much dirt and looks unattractive.

Leaf blowers are used for more than just leaves. The last crew member to walk the property is on the leaf blower. All grass clippings, weeds and other debris are blown off of walkways and driveways into the grass to eliminate any evidence that the property was recently cut. It gives the area weed-crew  a clean appearance that is aesthetically pleasing.


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