Fantasy Interpretation – Dream Symbols — Water

Fantasy Interpretation – Dream Symbols — Water

Whenever water appears in your dreams, it could have two different meanings, based on its quantity.

If you see only a few drops of water, it means forgiveness. The drops give life towards the dry earth and signify the particular continuation of life after dormancy, since water gives life to seeds that become plants.

This is the water that makes the dust sit and stop flowing everywhere. In this case, the particular dust is provoked by battles and the water puts an end to the fights by causing the dust to settle or wash away.

A few drops of water that are sufficient to extinguish fire that started to burn off. Forgiveness puts an end to assault; it doesn’t let the hatred continue to burn someone’s heart.

However , when you see a lot of water, as in a flood, the meaning is negative, because it symbolizes attachment to Earth, or put simply, the one who dreams of water (usually in an inundation) is too materialistic. They do not consider the existence of their spirit; they will behave as if their lives didn’t possess any meaning beyond daily success. The water they see (a lot of water when it has the meaning of attachment to Earth) is the nature that was light and invisible flying in the air but became heavy water that gravitated towards the earth, plus fell from its proper dimension.

In case you see a flood in your daily life, a person shall interpret it the same way, because the meaning of everything that happens with you in your life has a symbolic meaning as well as the symbolic meaning gives you information about the truth where you are and about the content of your clairvoyant sphere, which you ignore.

Too much water is a sign of superficiality and futility. You do not consider several points of reality that are important since you underestimate their value.
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You do not think about the future, other influences in your life, this is of your life in general, or anything. You only concentrate on the narrow sphere of your daily life, obligations, friends, problems; you reside a superficial life.

There are many other activities happening in the universe besides all you know. The meaning of your life may not be everything you imagine.

You are not made of flesh and bones alone.

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