On-line Movie – Game Rentals Versus The Corner Rental Store

Renting your movies and games on-line has become so inexpensive and practical, that the traditional corner rental shops will soon become extinct. Almost all one must do is to perform a simple cost comparison, evaluating the time and money it takes to rent movies and games at the corner shop vs . renting your movies and games at an online site like Netflix or GameFly.

The Movie and Game Rental Store

To rent movies and games at the corner rental store, you must:

᾿ Drive to and from the store.
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᾿ Scan the aisles for your particular movie or game.

᾿ Wait in line to purchase your rentals.

᾿ Get the movies/games back on time to avoid late fees.

Now, let’s examine the cost of the above mentioned steps:

᾿ Drive to and from the store ($1. 00 – $2. 00).

᾿ Browse store for your choice (10 – 40 minutes).

᾿ Rent your movies and online games (average 2 per visit, $6. 00).

᾿ Wait in line to fund your rentals (2 – ten minutes).

So , with the above methods, for two movie/game rentals, you’re looking at an investment of $7. 00 — $8. 00 (or more) while spending from 12 – fifty minutes making your selection and checking out. Do this just 2 ᾿ 3 times per month and you’re looking at spending $21. 00 – $24. 00 while wasting 48 ᾿ 200 minutes. Make just one vacation a week to the rental store plus you’re looking at about $30. 00/month ᾿ not including late fees. In case you’re rentals are late, add-on another $1 per rental, daily. Ouch! That adds up fast.

Renting Your Movies & Games On the web

All online movie and game rental sites offer a diverse choice of plans to fit almost any budget. Using the premium plans at an online film rental site, you’ll be spending around $15. 00 – $18. 00 for unlimited movie rentals, with three movies out at a time. That is, you can rent three movies, watch them, and return them (via pre-paid mail) as many times as possible inside the course of a month. No driving to the rental store, no spending several minutes wandering the aisles looking for your selections, and no waiting in-line. But , best of all, NO LATE CHARGES! Keep the movies as long as you like and you won’t be charged a penny.

Now, lets examine the steps associated with selecting and renting your movies and games at an online leasing site, such as Netflix or GameFly:

᾿ Get online and log on to your account.

᾿ Browse the 1, 000’s of movies/games available.

᾿ Select the movie/game you want. Literally, point and “click᾿

᾿ Log off and get upon with your day.

᾿ Go to the mail box 1 – 2 business days later.

᾿ Watch your movies and/or play your games.

᾿ Place your rentals back in the mailbox.

᾿ Log back on and make more selections.

᾿ Repeat.


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